Collaboration between Quantum Beam Analysis Alliance and Kyoto University Begins

 On August 23, the “Quantum Beam Analysis Alliance” (Representative: Mikihito Takenaka; Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University) signed an agreement with the Office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation of Kyoto University for the use of the Kyoto University Beamline at the SPring-8. This agreement will enable us to achieve strong collaboration between industry, academia, and facilities, and to develop human resources for quantum beam research in the industry using the Kyoto University Beamline at SPring-8.
 As part of the FY2021 feasibility period, “Quantum Beam Analysis Alliance” has completed a joint experiment on XAFS and SAXS at Kyoto University Beamline and has conducted activities to acquire the skills of members of participating companies. The alliance has also started to deliver online classes by leading experts in various quantum beam techniques.
 In 2022, the alliance aims to establish and operate a course called “Quantum Beam Research Division”. With this new course as a starting point, the alliance will further enhance the training of quantum beam researchers through online classes and practical training at the facility and maximize the results of industrial applications through stronger collaboration among industry, academia, and the facility.