Division of Multidisciplinary Chemistry

Integrating viewpoints of science and engineering, we aim at developing basis in the interdisciplinary area between chemistry and physics. We carry out fundamental and exploratory research through cooperation with other divisions/centers in ICR to establish a novel aspect of the advanced materials science.

Prof TAKENAKA, Mikihito (D Eng)

Higher order structures and their formation process of polymer systems are investigated by means of scattering methods (neutron, x-ray and light scattering) and microscopes (optical, electron and atomic force microscope), to reveal the relationship between polymer properties and higher order structures.

Ordered Tricontinuous Double Diamond structures of triblock copolymer by two-step phase separation.

Prof WATANABE, Hiroshi (D Sc)

Rheology and dynamics of softmatters are investigated from molecular viewpoints in various space and time scales with multiple experimental methods and theoretical approach: Homogeneous polymers behave as glass, rubber and viscous fluid depending on temperature and/or time, and heterogeneous polymeric materials may also exhibit plastic behavior.

Prof WAKAMIYA, Atsushi (D Eng)

Studies on structures and properties of molecular aggregates are carried out; research on solid-state chemistry of organic semiconductor thin films on the basis of direct observation of their frontier electronic states is in progress towards fabrication of new molecular systems to be useful for their electronic applications.