Division of Synthetic Chemistry

Exploring beyond traditional concepts, we use inorganic and organic chemistry to synthesize new functional molecules and materials, and investigate their structures, properties, and applications.

Assoc Prof MIZUHATA, Yoshiyukio (D Sc)

Our main research interest is the elucidation of the similarities and differences in structures and the reactivity between organic compounds and the corresponding heavier congeners. These studies are interesting and important from the standpoints of not only fundamental chemistry but also paving the way to more extensive applications of main group chemistry.

Prof MURATA, Yasujiro (D Eng)

Fundamental studies are conducted on design, synthesis, and elucidation of the structure and properties of molecules and systems, which have entirely novel π-conjugated structures. Current projects include “open-cage fullerenes and their encapsulation of guests”, “intrinsic properties of isolated single molecules”, “molecular function based on chiral π-systems”, and “π-conjugated molecules having heteroatoms”.

Prof OHMIYA, Hirohisa (D Eng)

Our group has been carrying out innovative research on the organic synthesis by designing catalysts and chemical reactions as well as molecules.  We hope to be able to pioneer the future of life science research by further developing organic synthesis technology, thereby optimizing the creation processes for medicines and contributing to new drug discovery.

Prof TERANISHI, Toshiharu (D Eng)

We are developing novel inorganic nanoparticles for high-performance nanodevices (single electron transistor, plasmon waveguide, nanocomposite magnet) and photo-energy conversion (water splitting, solar cell) by controlling the primary (size, shape, composition, etc.) and secondary (spatial arrangement) structures of nanoparticles.