1915 Specialized center for chemical research, a predecessor of Institute of Chemical Research was founded.
1926.10 Institute for Chemical Research (ICR) was chartered with the founding philosophy,
to “excel in the investigation of basic principles of chemistry and chemical applications.”
1929 The Main Building of ICR was constructed in Takatsuki, Osaka.
1949 ICR became the first affiliated institute of Kyoto University.
1962 ICR established graduate schools offering the advanced education for graduate students.
1964 The Division System was introduced. ICR organization was divided into 19 research divisions.
Nuclear Science Research Facility was established in Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.
1968 High-Voltage Electron Microscopy was located at Gokasho, Uji (Uji Campus).
ICR was moved to Uji Campus.
1971 Low-Temperature Laboratory was established.
1981 Research Facility of Nucleic Acids was established.
1983 Nucleic Acids Laboratory was built.
1985 Biotechnology Laboratory was established.
1987 The Division System was revised.
ICR organization was reorganized into 19 research divisions and 2 satellite facilities.
1988 Nuclear Science Research Facility was moved to Gokasho, Uji.
Accelerator Laboratory and Research Building were completed.
1989 High-Resolution Electron Spectromicroscope was established.
1992 ICR was reorganized into 9 research divisions and 2 satellite facilities.
Supercomputer Laboratory was established.
1999 Joint Research Laboratory Building was constructed.
2000 Administration Departments of ICR and other institutes in Uji Campus were integrated.
2001 Bioinformatics Center was established.
2003 ICR was reorganized into 9 research divisions and 3 satellite facilities.
International Research Center for Elements Science was established.
2004 ICR was reorganized into 5 research divisions and 3 centers.
Advanced Research Center for Beam Science was established.
Uji Research Building was constructed.
2005 Laser Science Laboratory was built.
2007 The Alumni Assosiation of ICR “Hekisuikai” was inaugurated.
2009 Laboratory of Water Chemistry Energy (AGC) was endowed.
2010 ICR started to function as a Joint Usage / Research Center.
Seismic Retrofit for the Main Building in Uji Campus had been completed.
2011 Laboratory of Nano-Interface Photonics (SEI Group CSR Foundation) was endowed.
Bioinformatics Center was reorganized.
2013 Monochromated Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope was introduced.
2016 Second term of a Joint Usage / Research Center started.
International Research Center for Elements Sciencewas reorganized.