Division of Biochemistry

Biology meets chemistry: this division employs chemical approaches to understanding biological events, translating the gained knowledge back into creating pioneering materials.

Prof FUTAKI, Shiroh (D Pharm Sc)

The ultimate goal of our research is the regulation of cellular functions by designed peptides and proteins. Current projects include “Development of membrane permeable peptide vectors”, “Design of peptides inducing structural changes of the plasma membrane”, and “Creation of nucleic acids-binding proteins with desired sequence specificities and control of cellular functions”.

Prof YAMAGUCHI, Shinjiro (D Agr)

Our interest is understanding mechanisms of numerous chemical interactions in living organisms from viewpoint of organic chemistry. Unraveling ligand–protein and protein–protein interactions, as well as biosynthetic pathways of bioactive natural products at molecular level are current topics.

Prof AOYAMA, Takashi (D Sc)

We are interested in the signal transduction and gene expression for the regulation of plant morphogenesis. Targets of our study include the involvement of phospholipid signaling in cell morphogenesis, the cytokinin signal transduction mediated by the transcription factor ARR1, and the regulatory mechanism of plant morphogenesis by the COP9 signalosome.

The Arabidopsis phospholipid signaling
factor PIP5K3 specifically localizing at
the tips of elongating root hairs.

Prof UESUGI, Motonari (D Pharm Sc)

Small organic molecules have been utilized to improve human health and to elucidate the secrets of life. Discovery or design of small organic molecules with unique biological activity permits small-molecule-initiated exploration of cells and living organisms. Our laboratory has been discovering small organic molecules that modulate a range of biological events and use them as tools to explore and control biological events.