Message from the Director

Director AOYAMA, Takashi
(Professor, Laboratory of Molecular Biology)


  The Institute for Chemical Research (ICR) was founded in 1926 as the first research institute of Kyoto University. Our founding vision is to “excel in the investigation of the basic principles of chemistry and their applications.” ICR has promoted pioneering studies with a focus on basic sciences ever since, branching out to include research in physics, biology, and informatics as well as chemistry. Our staff include 120 faculty members, 200 graduate students including 60 from foreign countries, and 60 researchers. These scientists are grouped into 30 laboratories divided into five research divisions—Synthetic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Multidisciplinary Chemistry—and three research centers—Advanced Research Center for Beam Science, International Research Center for Elements Science, and Bioinformatics Center. The laboratories are diversely affiliated with the graduate schools of science, engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, and informatics.
 ICR collaborates with other research institutions as a key member of MEXT Inter-University Collaborative Project “Integrated Consortium on Chemical Synthesis”, MEXT Large-scale Scientific Research Project “Spintronics Research Network of Japan”, MEXT Project “Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology in Japan”, and the Kyoto University Research Coordination Alliance. We have also been engaged in over 60 international collaborations with overseas universities and research institutions. In 2018, based on our strong global activity in chemistry-oriented fields, ICR was certified by MEXT as an International Joint Usage/Research Center. The following year, in 2019, we established an On-site Laboratory, the “Kyoto University Shanghai Lab” in Shanghai, China under the MEXT’s Designated National University program. To foster and secure young researchers we have initiated several programs to support research and graduate education, including an in-house annual grant system, “ICR Grant for Promoting Integrated Research.” These collaborative achievements highlight our commitment to promoting ICR as a global research core in chemistry-oriented fields.
 Our institute maintains a high level of social awareness. The environment surrounding us is now experiencing a wave of changes. Worldwide problems including global warming and economic polarization have become evident, while COVID-19 has entered the stage of coexistence with the virus. For a sustainable and just society, science and technology must become a credible beacon of light. ICR contributes towards this goal by providing leadership and expertise in scientific research, promoting multidisciplinary, chemistry-related communities, and developing new and technologically important innovations.
 Thank you for your interest in ICR and our ongoing efforts to future science and technology at Kyoto University and around the world. We appreciate your continued encouragement and support.

April 2023


Our Mission

The founding philosophy of the ICR is to “excel in the investigation of the basic principles of chemistry and their applications,” and the core values of its research lie both in independence and integration. Following this philosophy and core values, the ICR is dedicated to solving global chemical challenges to benefit society.


Our research is based on examining fundamental questions about the wide field of chemistry with a viewpoint that considers how answering these questions will contribute to solving ever-changing global challenges.


Providing excellent research opportunities in a world-class enviroment, we train our people to have high-level problem solving skills and leadership skills to globally push forward the field of chemistry. Our success comes from the success of our students becoming top scientists in chemistry.

Outreach :

As researchers and educators of chemistry, we endeavor to deepen our exchanges with local communities and Japan as a whole. At the same time, we actively work with international researchers and institutions to solve global problems. By joining the ICR, researchers have the accountability to the public and the opportunity to work closely with leading scientists around the world.