Graduate Education

“Excellent Science” can only be achieved by “Excellent Scientists”. It is our responsibility to encourage our students to become excellent scientists. To ensure success, we offer a wealth of programs and resources for our young scientists.


Education in the Graduate Schools

Every laboratory is affiliated with one of the Graduate Schools and contributes to education. Currently, 13 laboratories are affiliated with the Graduate School of Science, 9 with Engineering, 2 with Agriculture, 4 with Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1 with Medicine and 1 with Informatics.

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Training of Young Researchers

Details of Researchers at ICR (without Faculties and Graduate Students)
Post-doctoral Research Fellows 46
  (Japanese Researchers (PD) 29)
  (Foreign Researchers (PD) 17)
  (Researchers from Corporations (private) 2)
Research Students and Research Fellows 5

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Doctoral and Master’s Degrees

Doctoral Degrees (1 Jan – 31 Dec, 2018)
Science Engineering Agriculture Pharmaceutical Sc. Medicine Informatics Total
8 2 2 2 0 0 14
Master’s Degrees (1 Apr 2018 – 31 Mar 2019)
Graduate School of
Science Engineering Agriculture Pharmaceutical Sc. Medicine Informatics Total
26 20 2 7 0 2 57

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Graduate Students and Their Origins

Graduate School Course Total  
Science MC 50  
DC 40  
Engineering MC 40  
DC 7  
Agriculture MC 12  
DC 5  
Pharmaceutical Sc. MC 18  
DC 17  
Medicine MC 3  
DC 6  
Informatics MC 2  
DC 7  
Sub-total MC 125  
DC 82  
Total   207  

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Researchers and Graduate Students from Abroad

Training Programs for Young Researchers

Annual Schedule (from April, 2019 to March, 2020)
April Orientation for New Graduate Students
Training on Safety and Health for New Graduate Students


Spring Sports Tournaments (HEKISUIKAI)

Summer Party (HEKISUIKAI)


Autumn Sports Tournaments (HEKISUIKAI)


The 26th Public Lectures

December The 119th ICR Annual Symposium
The 24th ICR Award for Young Scientists and ICR Award for Graduate Students

Symposium of Graduate Students


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