Research Organization

Faculty at ICR pursue innovative research in chemistry. Within this broad field, our faculty specialize in the following areas: organic, inorganic, biological, physical, polymer, analytical and computational. We are organized into five research divisions and three research centers, comprising 28 individual laboratories.

5 Research Divisions Laboratories
Division of Synthetic Chemistry
Exploring beyond traditional concepts, we use inorganic and organic chemistry to synthesize new functional molecules and materials, and investigate their structures, properties, and applications. Organoelement Chemistry (Yamada Lab)
Structural Organic Chemistry (Murata Lab)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Ohmiya Lab)
Advanced Inorganic Synthesis (Teranishi Lab)
Division of Materials Chemistry
We focus on the creation and development of next-generation nano-sized functional materials by controlling electronic, photonic, and spin states as well as fabrication methods. Chemistry of Polymer Materials (Tsujii Lab)
Polymer Controlled Synthesis (Yamago Lab)
Inorganic Photonics Materials (Mizuochi Lab) 
Nanospintronics (Ono Lab)
Division of Biochemistry
We develop new applied biomaterials by investigating biological processes such as recognition and sensing from a chemical perspective. Biofunctional Design-Chemistry (Futaki Lab)
Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts (Yamaguchi Lab)
Molecular Biology
Chemical Biology (Uesugi Lab)
Division of Environmental Chemistry
We contribute to solving environmental problems through research on environment-friendly organic device design, enzyme/microorganism-based biotechnology, and hydrospheric biogeochemistry. Molecular Materials Chemistry (Kaji Lab)
Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry (Sohrin Lab)
Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces (Hasegawa Lab)
Molecular Microbial Science (Kurihara Lab)
Division of Multidisciplinary Chemistry
We flourish in the intersection of chemistry and physics, carrying out fundamental research in cooperation with the other divisions to enhance the scientific value of materials development. Polymer Materials Science (Takenaka Lab)
Molecular Rheology
Molecular Aggregation Analysis (Wakamiya Lab)
3 Research Centers Laboratories
Advanced Research Center for Beam Science
We promote the development of quantum beams and ultimate space-time analysis and their applications to physics of nuclei, materials and plasmas. Particle Beam Science (Wakasugi Lab)
Laser Matter Interaction Science (Tokita Lab)
Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry
Atomic and Molecular Structures
International Research Center for Elements Science
With the concept of “elemental science” as a base, we create ground-breaking functional materials with element-derived characteristic properties.
This center has two joint laboratories in other divisions.
Synthetic Organotransformation (Nakamura Lab)
Advanced Solid State Chemistry (Shimakawa Lab)
Organometallic Chemistry(Ohki Lab)
Structural Organic Chemistry
Biofunctional Design-Chemistry
Bioinformatics Center
We develop bioinformatics tools and resources to understand a wide variety of aspects of life sciences, from molecules to ecosystems. Chemical Life Science (Ogata Lab)
Mathematical Bioinformatics (Akutsu Lab)
Bio-knowledge Engineering (Mamitsuka Lab)
GenomeNet Project Management Office