The 115th ICR Annual Symposium(11 December 2015)

 Date : December 11th, 2015 (Fri) 10:00 –  17:35

 Place : ICR Joint Research Laboratory, Uji Campus

 Contact : ICR Office (Email :




Poster Presentation

Morning Session (10:00 – 12:05)
10:00 – 10:05 Opening Speech  
10:05 – 10:35 Theoretical and Computational Chemistry toward Organic Materials and Devices  
  Molecular Materials Chemistry ○SHIZU, Katsuyuki; SUZUKI, Furitsu; KAJI, Hironori  
10:35 – 11:05 Machine Learning on Graphs for Biological Network Analysis  
  Bio-knowledge Engineering ○Nguyen, Hao Canh; Mamitsuka, Hiroshi  
11:05 – 11:35 Development of Functional Separation Materials Selective for Rare Metals  
  Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry UMETANI, Shigeo  
11:35 – 12:05 Intercellular Chaperone Transmission via Exosomes Contributes to Maintenance of Organismal Proteostasis  
  Biofunctional Design-Chemistry TAKEUCHI, Toshihide  
12:05 – 12:35 Dynamics of Associative Polymer System  
  Molecular Rheology Matsumiya, Yumi  
Lunch Time (12:35~13:30)  
13:30 – 13:40 “ICR Award for Young Scientists” and “ICR Award for Graduate Students” Ceremony  
13:40 – 15:10 ICR Award for Graduate Students-winners’ Presentation  
15:10 – 15:30 ICR Award for Young Scientists-winner’s Presentation  
Poster Presentation (15:30 – 16:50) —  
Afternoon Session (17:00~17:35)  
17:00 – 17:30 Presentation of the ” ICR Grants for Promoting Integrated Research”    
17:00 – 17:15 Orientation Process of Brush-modified Nanoparticles by Synchrotrom Small Angle X-ray Scattering NAKANISHI, Yohei  
17:15 – 17:30 Unprecedented Acceleration of Silane Alcoholysis Reaction in Self-assembled Monolayer on Gold Nanoparticle Catalysts ISOZAKI, Katsuhiro  
17:30 – 17:35 Closing Speech  

Poster Presentation (15:30 – 16:50)  
P01. LW Research Topics in Organoelement Chemistry  
    Organoelement Chemistry      
P02. LW Research Activities in Structural Organic Chemistry Laboratory  
    Structural Organic Chemistry      
P03. GE Synthesis and Structure of Gold Complexes Having Thianthrene Dithiolate Ligands  
    Structural Organic Chemistry   ○KAJI, Shoji; MURATA, Michihisa; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi; MURATA, Yasujiro  
P04. GE D-A Type Organic Dyes with Bis(Difluoroboron) Dipyrrolylethanedione as a New Electron-Accepting Unit  
    Structural Organic Chemistry   ○SHIMOGAWA, Hiroyuki; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi; MURATA, Yasujiro  
P05. LW Recent Advances of Research in Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory  
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry      
P06. GE Stereoselective Intramolecular Cross-aldol and Desymmetrization of Aliphatic Dials Enabled by Axially Chiral Aniline-type Catalyst  
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry   ○YELLA, Ramesh; BABA, Tomonori; TANAKA, Yuya; YAMAMOTO, Satoru; FURUTA, Takumi; KAWABATA, Takeo  
P07. LW Research Activity of Advanced Inorganic Synthesis  
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis      
P08. GE Structural Control of Porphyrin Face-coordinated Gold Clusters for Constructing Suprastructures  
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis   ○EGUCHI, Daichi; SAKAMOTO, Masanori; TERANISHI, Toshiharu  
P09. GE High-Performance L10-FePd/α-Fe Nanocomposite Magnets with Controlled Crystal Grain Size  
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis   ○MATSUMOTO Kenshi; SATO Ryota; TRINH, T. Thuy; SAKUMA Noritsugu; TERANISHI Toshiharu  
P10. GE Synthesis and Visible Light-induced Charge Separation of Heterostructured Au/ZnS Nanoparticles  
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis   ○KIMURA, Masato; SAKAMOTO, Masanori; FURUBE, Akihiro; ADACHI, Hiroyuki; SUGIMOTO, Toshiki; WATANABE, Kazuya; MATSUMOTO, Yoshiyasu; TERANISHI, Toshiharu  
P11. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Chemistry of Polymer Materials  
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials      
P12. GE Polymer-brush-grafted Particles for Control of Phase Separation in Polymer/ionic-liquid Blend Films  
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials   ○YAHATA, Yoshikazu; OHNO, Kohji; TSUJII, Yoshinobu  
P13. LW Research Topics of Polymer Controlled Synthesis Laboratory
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis      
P14. GE Synthesis and Physical Property of Oxigenated [10] Cycloparaphenylene  
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis   ○ONISHI, Hiroaki; KAYAHARA, Eiichi; YAMAGO, Shigeru  
P15. GE Synthetic Studies of CPP Derivatives via Bromination of CPPs  
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis   ○QU, Rui; KAYAHARA, Eiichi; YAMAGO, Shigeru  
P16. GE Controlled Polymer Synthesis Based on Multi-functional TERP Initiators  
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis   ○FAN, Weijia; NAKAMURA, Yasuyuki; YAMAGO, Shigeru  
P17. GE Elucidation of the Effect of Reaction Media in the Radical-radical Reaction  
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis   ○OGIHARA, Tasuku; NAKAMURA, Yasuyuki; YAMAGO, Shigeru  
P18. LT Structural Analysis of Lithium Silicate Glasses  
    Inorganic Photonics Materials   OUEDA, Yuki; MASAI, Hirokazu; TOKUDA, Yomei  
P19. GE Optical Properties of Ce3+-doped Li2O-B2O3-SiO2 Glasses  
    Inorganic Photonics Materials   ○USUI, Takaaki; MASAI, Hirokazu; TOKUDA, Yomei  
P20. LT Development of Novel Spintronic Devices  
    Nano Spintronics      
P21. GE Approach to Electric Field Induced Domain Wall Motion in MgO/Co/Pt System  
    Nano Spintronics   ○KAKIZAKAI, Haruka; YAMADA, Kihiro; KAWAGUCHI, Masashi; KOYAMA, Tomohiro; CHIBA, Daichi; Ono, Teruo  
P22. GE Electric Field Control of Superpamagnetic Ni/Cu Structure  
    Nano Spintronics   ○YAMADA, Kihiro; KAKIZAKAI, Haruka; KOYAMA, Tomohiro; ONO, Shimpei; MIWA, Kazumoto; KAWAGUCHI, Masashi; CHIBA, Daichi; ONO, Teruo  
P23. LW Research Activity at Biofunctional Design Chemistry  
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry      
P24. GE Analyzing Cellular Functions of Syndecan-4 Using Method for Controlling Dimer Formation of Membrane Proteins  
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry   ○WATANABE, Kensuke; TAKEUCHI, Toshihide; NAKASE, Ikuhiko; FUTAKI, Shiroh  
P25. LW Research Activities in the Laboratory of Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts  
    Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts      
P26. LW Research Activity in Loboratory of Molecular Biology  
    Molecular Biology      
P27. LW Create New World of Bioactive Synthetic Small Molecules  
    Chemical Biology      
P28. LT Purely Organic Emitter for Organic Light-emitting Diodes with External Quantum Efficiency above 40%  
    Molecular Materials Chemistry   ○FUKUSHIMA, Tatsuya; SUZUKI, Hajime; SHIZU, Katsuyuki; SUZUKI, Katsuaki; KUBO, Shosei; KOMINO, Takeshi; OIWA, Hajime; SUZUKI, Furitsu; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi; MURATA, Yasujiro; ADACHI, Chihaya; KAJI, Hironori  
P29. LT Sectional Distributions of Bioactive Trace Metals in the Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean and the Western Pacific  
    Hydrospheric Environment
Analytical Chemistry
  ○MINAMI, Tomoharu; KONAGAYA, Wataru; Zheng, Linjie; SOHRIN, Yoshiki  
P30. GE Development of Analytical Method for Nickel, Copper and Zinc Stable Isotopes in Seawater with an Off-line Automated Preconcentration System  
    Hydrospheric Environment
Analytical Chemistry
  ○UEHARA, Wataru; TAKANO, Shotaro; ZHENG,Linjie; MINAMI, Tomoharu; SOHRIN, Yoshiki  
P31. GE IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Polymer Thin Films of Fluoroacrylates Having an Rf Side Chain with Various Lengths  
    Solution and Interface Chemistry   ○IZUMI, Naoki; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; HASEGAWA, Takeshi  
P32. GE
Study on the Long-distance Interaction of Perfluoroalkyl Compounds Involving a Bulky Substituent
    Solution and Interface Chemistry   ○UKAI, Hironori; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; NODA, Takumu; YAMADA, Norihiro; HASEGAWA, Takeshii  
P33. LT Structure Analysis of a Semiconductor Thin Film of a Porphyrin Derivative Using IR pMAIRS and GIXD  
    Solution and Interface Chemistry   ○HADA, Miyako; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; EDA, Kazuo; HASEGAWA, Takeshi  
P34. LW Research of Molecular Microbial Science Laboratory  
    Molecular Microbial Science      
P35. GE Synthesis of ω-terminal Modified Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and Its Application to Physiological Studies  
    Molecular Microbial Science   ○TOKUNAGA, Tomohisa; WATANABE, Bunta; KAWAMOTO, Jun; KURIHARA, Tatsuo  
P36. LW Polymer Material Science  
    Polymer Materials Science      
P37. GE Structure Formation of Polyethylene Films during Uniaxial Drawing  
    Polymer Materials Science   ○MURAKAMI, Momoko; MAEDE, Tadahiko; OGAWA, Hiroki; NISHIDA, Koji; KANAYA, Toshiji  
P38. GE Effect of Substrate Surface Modification on the Glass Transition Temperature and Its Distribution of Polymer Thin Films  
    Polymer Materials Science   ○KISHIMOTO, Mizuki; INOUE, Riontaro; OGAWA, Hiroki; NISHIDA, Koji; KANAYA, Toshijii  
P39. LW Research Activities in Molecular Rheology Laboratory  
    Molecular Rheology      
P40. LT In Situ Electrical Measurements on Donor-Acceptor Thin Film Interfaces  
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis   ○MURDEY, Richard; NAKAO, Kazuto; SATO, Naoki  
P41. LW Status of Accelerator Laboratory, Advanced Research Center for Beam Science  
    Particle Beam Science      
P42. GE Development of RF-Synchronized Short Pulse Laser Ion Source  
    Particle Beam Science   ○FUWA, Yasuhiro; IWASHITA, Yoshihisa; TONGU, Hiromu  
P43. GE A Report of the Neutron Life Time Measurement at J-PARC/BL05  
    Particle Beam Science   ○KITAHARA, Ryunosuke; IWASHITA, Yoshihisa; NOP Group  
P44. GE Ultracold Neutron Production with Doppler Shifter at J-PARC/BL05  
    Particle Beam Science   IMAJO, Sohei  
P45. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Laser Matter Science  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science      
P46. GE Development of the Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Instrument Using Laser-accelerated Electron Beams  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science  

○WATANABE, Kota; INOUE, Shunsuke; TERAMOTO, Kensuke; NEMOTO, Takashi; NAKAMIYA, Yoshihide; KURATA, Hiroki; HASHIDA, Masaki; SAKABE, Shuji

P47. GE Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves Emitted from Intense Laser Plasma Using a Metal Wire  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science   ○TERAMOTO, Kensuke; INOUE, Shunsuke; TOKITA, Shigeki; YASUHARA, Ryo; MORI, Kazuaki; WATANABE, Kota; NAKAMIYA, Yoshihide; HASHIDA, Masaki; SAKABE, Shuji  
P48. GE Terahertz Wave Generation in the Interaction of Two-pulse Laser with Clusters  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science   ○MORI, Kazuaki; HASHIDA, Masaki; NAGASHIMA, Takeshi; INOUE, Shunsuke; SAKABE, Shuji  
P49. GE Development of Diagnostics for Li-ion Batteries by Using Laser-driven Proton Beams  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science   ○NAKAJI, Ryosuke; INOUE, Shunsuke; TERAMOTO, Kensuke; FUJITA, Kazuhisa; MIMA, Kunioki; KATO, Yoshiaki; NAKAMIYA, Yoshihide; HASHIDA, Masaki; SAKABE, Shuji  
P50. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry  
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry      
P51. LT High Energy Resolution EELS of Organic Thin Films  
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry   ○KURATA, Hiroki; HARUTA, Mitsutaka; FUJIYOSHI, Yoshifumi; TOMISAKI, Yuriko; NEMOTO, Takashi  
P52. LW Introduction of Structural Molecular Biology Laboratory  
    Structural Molecular Biology      
P53. LW Research of Organic Main Group Chemistry  
    Organic Main Group Chemistry      
P54. GE Iron-Catalyzed Enantioselective Cross-Coupling Reaction of Racemic α-Haroesters  
    Organic Main Group Chemistry   ○ADAK, Laksmikanta; JIN, Masayoshi; NAKAMURA, Masaharu  
P55. GE Mechanistic Study of Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction Using Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy  
    Organic Main Group Chemistry   ○NAKAJIMA, Sho; ISOZAKI, Katsuhiro; NAKAGAWA, Naohisa; IMAYOSHI, Ryuji; HASHIMOTO, Toru; GOWER, Nicholas, J.; ADAK Laksmikanta; HONMA, Tetsuo; TAKAGAKI, Masafumi; SUNADA, Yusuke; NAGASHIMA, Hideo; HASHIZUME, Daisuke; IWAMOTO, Takahiro; HATAKEYAMA, Takuji; TAKAYA, Hikaru; NAKAMURA, Masaharu  
P56. GE Development of Iron Fluoride-NHC Catalyzed Alkylation of Aryl Chlorides and XAFS Study on the Mechanism  
    Organic Main Group Chemistry   ○AGATA, Ryosuke; IWAMOTO, Takahiro; NAKAGAWA, Naohisa; ISOZAKI, Katsuhiro; HATAKEYAMA, Takuji; TAKAYA, Hikaru; NAKAMURA, Masaharu  
P57. LW Introduction of Advanced Solid State Chemistry Laboratory  
    Advanced Solid State Chemistry      
P58. GE The Synthesis and Peculiar Charge Disproportionation of the Novel A-site Layered Perovskite Oxide LaCa2Fe3O9 with Unusual High Valence Fe Ion  
    Advanced Solid State Chemistry   ○GUO, Haichuan; HOSAKA, Yoshiteru; SEKI, Hayato; SAITO, Takashi; ICHIKAWA, Noriya; SHIMAKAWA, Yuichi  
P59. LW Activity Report: Organotransition Metal Chemistry Laboratory  
    Organotransition Metal Chemistry      
P60. GE Synthesis and Reaction of Transition Metal Complexes with a Noninnocent PNP-Pincer Type Phosphaalkene Ligand Eind-PPEP  
    Organotransition Metal Chemistry   ○TAGUCHI, Hiroomi; SASAKI, Daichi; CHANG, Yung-Hung; TAKEUCHI, Katsuhiko; TSUJIMOTO, Shota; MATSUO, Tsukasa; TANAKA, Hiromasa; YOSHIZAWA, Kazunari; OZAWA, Fumiyuki  
P61. GE Development of A Mixed-Ligand Approach to Highly Selective Direct Arylation Polymerization  
    Organotransition Metal Chemistry   ○IIZUKA, Eisuke; WAKIOKA, Masayuki; OZAWA, Fumiyuki  
P62. LW Recent Research Topics of Photonic Elements Science Group  
    Photonic Elements Science      
P63. LW Research Topics in Laboratory of Chemical Life Science  
    Chemical Life Science      
P64. GE Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana ARR1 Binding Sites Based on ChIP-Seq Data  
    Chemical Life Science   ○NISHIYAMA, Hiroki; OGATA, Hiroyuki; AOYAMA, Takashi  
P65. GE GenomeNet Service and a New Computational Tool for Gene Function Annotation  
    Chemical Life Science  

○KHAIRIL ANUAR, Mohammad Fahmi Arieef; ABDUL HALIM, Arhaime Hamezze; MUHAMAD, Rafidah; MOHD HASRI, Nurul Nadzirah; BLANC-MATHIEU, Romain; OGATA, Hiroyuki; GOTO, Susumu

P66. LT Predicting Heterodimeric Protein Complexes Using Novel Kernel Functions  
    Mathematical Bioinformatics      
P67. LT Global Graph Comparison for Graph Cut-based Clustering  
    Bio-knowledge Engineering   ○NGUYEN, Hao Canh; MAMITSUKA, Hiroshi  
P68. LT Hybrid Superlattices of Heavy Fermion Compounds  
    Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences   TERASHIMA, Takahito