Research Organization

Institute for Chemical Research has 30 Laboratories constituting our system of “5 Research Divisions and 3 Research Centers”.

5 Research Divisions Laboratories
Division of Synthetic Chemistry
Research is conducted to create “Novel Materials” in order to clarify their structures, functions, and properties regardless of chemistry discipline. Organoelement Chemistry (Tokitoh Lab)
Structural Organic Chemistry (Murata Lab)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Kawabata Lab)
Advanced Inorganic Synthesis (Teranishi Lab)
Division of Materials Chemistry
Creation of next-generation functional materials  by hybridization, cunjugation, and integration of different materials and by nano-miniaturization. Chemistry of Polymer Materials (Tsujii Lab)
Polymer Controlled Synthesis (Yamago Lab)
Inorganic Photonics Materials (Mizuochi Lab) 
Nanospintronics (Ono Lab)
Division of Biochemistry
Biology meets chemistry; this division elucidates the mechanisms behind intra/inter-cellular recognition, stimuli response, and biomolecular synthesis in living organisms, leading to the development of pioneering novel materials. Biofunctional Design-Chemistry (Futaki Lab)
Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts
Molecular Biology (Aoyama Lab)
Chemical Biology (Uesugi Lab)
Division of Environmental Chemistry
This division aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable society through fundamental studies such as fabrication and characterization of environmentally-friendly organic devices, biogeochemistry in the hydrosphere, and biotechnology of enzymes and microorganisms. Molecular Materials Chemistry (Kaji Lab)
Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry (Sohrin Lab)
Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces (Hasegawa Lab)
Molecular Microbial Science (Kurihara Lab)
Division of Multidisciplinary Chemistry
Integrating viewpoints of science and engineering, we aim at developing basis in the interdisciplinary area between chemistry and physics. We carry out fundamental and exploratory research through cooperation with other divisions/centers in ICR to establish a novel aspect of the advanced materials science. Polymer Materials Science (Takenaka Lab)
Molecular Rheology (Watanabe Lab)
Molecular Aggregation Analysis (Wakamiya Lab)
3 Research Centers Laboratories
Advanced Research Center for Beam Science
Our research is performed to develop new capabilities using combination of various beams, to develop new methods for space-time analysis with extreme resolution, to multidimensionally analyze functional chemical materials oriented for applications, and to establish the collaborative research system. Particle Beam Science
Laser Matter Interaction Science (Sakabe Lab)
Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry (Kurata Lab)
Atomic and Molecular Structures
International Research Center for Elements Science
Our aim is to develop a guideline for the creation of novel elementary materials through uncovering the role of key elements which determine the functions of materials. Synthetic Organotransformation (Nakamura Lab)
Advanced Solid State Chemistry (Shimakawa Lab)
Organometallic Chemistry (Ozawa Lab)
Nanophotonics (Kanemitsu Lab)
Structural Organic Chemistry
Biofunctional Design-Chemistry
Bioinformatics Center
Our laboratories promote research in bioinformatics and the development of the foundation for an integrated and extensive resource for the bioscience. Chemical Life Science (Ogata Lab)
Mathematical Bioinformatics (Akutsu Lab)
Bio-knowledge Engineering (Mamitsuka Lab)
GenomeNet Project Management Office