The 121th ICR Annual Symposium (10 December 2021)

Date  December 10th, 2021 (Fri.) 
 10:00 – 17:00
Place Online via Zoom (Up to 100)
ICR Joint Research Laboratory, Uji Campus
(Up to 50/only ICR members)
Admission  Free (Reservation is required)
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Poster Presentation

Morning Session (10:00 – 12:00)
  Poster Presentation ( 10:00 – 12:00 )
Only Onsite
Afternoon Session(13:00 – 17:00)
 Onsite(13:00 – 13:45)
13:00 – 13:45 Presentation of the “ICR Grants for Promoting Integrated Research”
  Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells Using Structural Analysis by Infrared Spectroscopy NAKAMURA, Tomoya
  Spatially Controlled Fabrication of Shallow Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond HAYASHI, Kan
  Investigation of Oxide Ion Mobility in a Series of Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite Derivatives AMANO PATINO, Midori
Onsite & Zoom(13:45 – 17:00)
13:45 – 13:50 Opening Speech
13:50 – 14:05 “ICR Award for Young Scientists” and “ICR Award for Graduate Students” Ceremony
14:05 – 14:20 ICR Award for Young Scientists-winner’s Presentation
14:20 – 14:50 ICR Award for Graduate Students-winner’s Presentation
14:50 – 14:55 Break time
14:55 – 15:19 Chemical Biology Reveals New Functions of Squalene Synthase
Chemical Biology TAKEMOTO, Yasushi
15:19 – 15:43 Self-Assembly of Polymer-Brush-Decorated Hybrid Particles
Chemistry of Polymer Materials OHNO, Kohji
15:43 – 16:07 Genetic Analysis of Plant Phosphoinositide Signaling
Molecular Biology AOYAMA, Takashi
16:07 – 16:12 Break time
16:12 – 16:36 Development of Resonant-extraction Charge Breeder for Nuclear Reaction Studies of Rare-RI
Particle Beam Science OGAWARA, Ryo
16:36 – 17:00  Biogeography of marine phytoplankton
Chemical Life Science ENDO, Hisashi

Poster Presentation ( 10:00 – 12:00 )      
      summary  poster  movie
P01. LW Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of Novel Organic Compounds Containing Heavier Elements  
    Organoelement Chemistry    
P02. GE A Novel 1,4-Silyl Group Migration in the Reaction of a Sterically Hindered Benzylic Telluride with an Alkyllithium      
    Organoelement Chemistry ○GARCIA, Julius Adrie; YUKIMOTO, Mariko; MIZUHATA, Yoshiyuki; TOKITOH, Norihiro  
P03. LW Research Activities in Structural Organic Chemistry Laboratory  
    Structural Organic Chemistry    
P04. GE Cage-Expansion of Fullerenes      
    Structural Organic Chemistry ○ZHANG, Sheng; HASHIKAWA, Yoshifumi; MURATA, Yasujiro      
P05. LW Current Topics in Laboratory of Synthetic Organic Chemistry  
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry    
P06. LW Research in Advanced Inorganic Synthesis  
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis    
P07. GE Control over the Reactivity of Ligand-Exchange Reactions of a Gold Nanocluster by Bulky Incoming Ligands      
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis ○SUZUKI, Wataru; TAKAHATA, Ryo; TERANISHI, Toshiharu  
P08. LW Recent Research in Chemistry of Polymer Materials Laboratory  
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials    
P09. GE Anchoring Property of Liquid Crystal on Structurally Controlled Bottlebrush Thin Film      
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials ○TAKAMURA, Yoshiro; KINOSE, Yuji; TSUJII, Yoshinobu  
P10. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Polymer Controlled Synthesis  
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis    
P11. GE Elucidation of the Branching Effect in the Conformations of Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers with Multibranched Structures      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○GOTO, Kana; TOSAKA, Masatoshi; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P12. GE Understanding and Predicting Monomer Reactivity Ratios in Radical co-Polymerization Using Machine Learning      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○ZHU, Nanyi; TOSAKA, Masatoshi; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P13. GE Synthesis and In-Plane Aromaticity of Dianion of Cyclic Paraphenylene Diketone      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○MORI, Takahiro; KAYAHARA, Eiichi; KATO, Tatsuhisa; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P14. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Inorganic Photonics Materials  
    Inorganic Photonics Materials    
P15. GE Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Damping Constant in Ferrimagnetic Garnet Gd3Fe5O12 Film      
    Nanospintronics FUNADA, Shinsaku  
P16. LW Research in Biofunctional Design Chemistry Laboratory  
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry    
P17. GE Development and Perspective of Sequence-Specific RNA Demethylase      
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry ○OTONARI, Kenko; SHINODA, Kouki; IMANISHI, Miki; FUTAKI, Shiroh      
P18. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts  
    Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts    
P19. LW Research Activities in Molecular Biology Lavoratory  
    Molecular Biology    
P20. LW Create New World of Bioactive Synthetic Molecules  
    Chemical Biology    
P21. LW Molecular Materials Chemistry  
    Molecular Materials Chemistry    
P22. GE A Novel Blue Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitter Possessing Very Fast Reverse Intersystem Crossing      
    Molecular Materials Chemistry ○REN, Yongxia; WADA, Yoshimasa; SUZUKI, Katsuaki; KUSAKABE, Yu; GELDSETZER, Jan; KAJI, Hironori  
P23. GE Development of Solution-Processable Red Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Materials      
    Molecular Materials Chemistry ○MURAMATSU, Tomomi; TANAKA, Hiroyuki; SUZUKI, Katsuaki;  KAJI, Hironori  
P24. LW Reveal the Ocean by Using Trace Elements and Their Isotopes  
    Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry    
P25. GE Origin Analysis Using Stable Isotope Ratios of Mo and W in the Hydrosphere      
    Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry ○MATSUOKA, Kohei; TATSUYAMA, Tomomichi; TAKANO, Shotaro; SOHRIN, Yoshiki  
P26. GE Template-Free Control of Molecular Orientation in Ph-BTBT-C10 Thin Films      
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ○YOSHIDA, Mariko; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; TOMITA, Kazutaka; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; HASEGAWA, Takeshi      
P27. GE Visualization of Molecular Orientation in Perfluoroalkane Particles by Raman Microscope Spectroscopy      
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ○OOTSUKI, Masashi; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; HASEGAWA, Takeshi      
P28. LW Introduction of Molecular Microbial Science Laboratory  
    Molecular Microbial Science    
P29. GE Construction of Hypervesiculation Mutants of Shewanella vesiculosa HM13 by Disrupting Genes Involved in Outer Membrane-Peptidoglycan Linkage      
    Molecular Microbial Science ○ZHU, Mengshan; OGAWA, Takuya; KAWAMOTO, Jun; IMAI, Tomoya; KURIHARA, Tatsuo      
P30. LW Polymer Materials Science  
    Polymer Materials Science    
P31. GE Universality of Strain-Induced Density Fluctuations in Glassy Materials      
    Polymer Materials Science ○AOKURA, Shuta; TAKENAKA, Mikihito      
P32. GE Evaluation of Heterogeneity of Nano-Scale Structure in Epoxy Adhesives by SMAXS-CT Method      
    Polymer Materials Science KUWATA, Satoshi      
P33. LW Research Activities in Molecular Rheology Laboratory  
    Molecular Rheology    
P34. LW Research in Molecular Aggregation Analysis  
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis    
P35. GE Development of Hole-Collecting Monolayer Materials Based on Triazatruxene Skeleton      
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis ○TRUONG, Minh Anh; UEBERRICKE, Lucas; FUNASAKI, Tsukasa; NOJO, Wataru; MURDEY, Richard; NAKAMURA, Tomoya; SUZUKI, Takanori; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi  
P36. GE Mixed Tin-Lead Perovskite Solar Cells Achieved 23.6% Efficiency      
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis ○HU, Shuaifeng; OTSUKA, Kento; MURDEY, Richard; NAKAMURA, Tomoya; TRUONG, Minh Anh; YAMADA, Takumi; HANDA, Taketo; MATSUDA, Kazuhiro; NAKANO, Kyohei; SATO, Atsushi; MARUMOTO, Kazuhiro; TAJIMA, Keisuke; KANEMITSU, Yoshihiko; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi      
P37. LW Particle Beam Science Laboratory  
    Particle Beam Science    
P38. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Laser-Matter Interaction Science  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science    
P39. LW Research Activities in Division of Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry  
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry    
P40. GE Structural Sensitivity and Atomic Vibration Effect on Ti L2,3-Edge Core-Excited Spectrum      
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry ○LIN, I-Ching; HARUTA, Mitsutaka; NEMOTO, Takashi; KURATA, Hiroki
P41. LW Introduction of Atomic and Molecular Structures Laboratory  
    Atomic and Molecular Structures    
P42. LW Introduction of Synthetic Organotransformation Group  
    Synthetic Organotransformation    
P43. GE Development of Organoacid Catalysts to Facilitate Woody Biomass Degradation Reaction      
    Synthetic Organotransformation ○SUZUKI, Shogo; NAKAMURA, Yuki; ISOZAKI, Katsuhiro; NAKAMURA, Masaharu      
P44. GE Dual Catalysis of Peptide Dendron-Functionalized Gold Nanoclusters toward α-C-H Alkynylation of Aliphatic Amines      
    Synthetic Organotransformation ○ISERI, Kenta; ISOZAKI, Katsuhiro; NAKAMURA, Masaharui      
P45. GE Iron-Catalyzed Cross Coupling of Propargyl Electrophiles with Organoboron Reagents      
    Synthetic Organotransformation ○LU, Siming; AGATA, Ryosuke; ISOZAKI, Katsuhiro; NAKAMURA, Masaharu    
P46. LW Research Introduction in Advanced Solid State Chemistry Laboratory  
    Advanced Solid State Chemistry    
P47. LW Recent Research Topics of the Ohki Laboratory  
    Organometallic Chemistry    
P48. GE Properties of Polythienylenevinylenes with Short Alkyl Side Chains      
    Organometallic Chemistry ○WAKIOKA, Masayuki; ISHIZUKA, Risa  
P49. GE Research Activities in Molecular Materials Chemistry Laboratory      
    Organometallic Chemistry    
P50. LW Recent Research Topics of Nanophotonics Group    
P51. LW Introduction of Chemical Life Science  
    Chemical Life Science    
P52. LW DynCubeProd: Dynamic Solution Space Division-Based Methods for Calculating Reaction Deletion Strategies for Constraint-Based Metabolic Networks for Substance Production  
    Mathematical Bioinformatics    
P53. LT Convex Clustering: Convexity, Bounding Balls and General Characteristics  
    Bio-knowledge Engineering