The 120th ICR Annual Symposium (11 December 2020)

Date  December 11th, 2020 (Fri.) 
 10:00 – 17:00

Online via Zoom (Up to 100)

ICR Joint Research Laboratory, Uji Campus
(Up to 50/only ICR members)

Admission  Free (Reservation is required)
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Poster Presentation

Morning Session (10:00 – 12:00)
  Poster Presentation ( 10:00 – 12:00 )
Only Onsite
Afternoon Session(13:00 – 17:00)
 Onsite(13:00 – 13:35)
13:00 – 13:15 “ICR Award for Young Scientists” and “ICR Award for Graduate Students” Ceremony
13:15 – 13:35 Presentation of the “ICR Grants for Promoting Integrated Research”
  Development of a High-throughput Detection Method for Bacterial Extracellular Membrane Vesicles Using a Curvature-sensing Peptide KAWANO,  Kenichi
Onsite & Zoom(13:35 – 17:00)
13:35 – 13:40 Opening Speech
13:40 – 14:25 ICR Award for Young Scientists-winner’s Presentation
14:25 – 14:45 ICR Award for Graduate Students-winner’s Presentation
14:45 – 14:50 Break time
14:50 – 15:15 Analysis of Strigolactone Biosynthesis and Transport
Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts MASHIGUCHI, Kiyoshi
15:15 – 15:40 Synthesis of Highly Reactive Germanium Compounds Utilizing a TbtCH2 Group
Organoelement Chemistry YUKIMOTO, Mariko
15:40 – 16:05 In silico 3D Tissue Reconstruction of Mid-gastrula Mouse Embryo by Self-organizing Map
Mathematical Bioinformatics MORI, Tomoya
16:05 – 16:10 Break time
16:10 – 16:35 Synthesis and Magnetic Property Characterization of the Quadruple Perovskite CaFe3Ti4O12
Advanced Solid State Chemistry AMANO PATINO, Midori Estefani
16:35 – 17:00 Development of a Coarse-grained Simulation Model for Predicting Rheology
Molecular Rheology SATO, Takeshi

Poster Presentation ( 10:00 – 12:00 )      
      summary  poster  movie
P01. LW Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of Novel Organic Compounds Containing Heavier Elements  
    Organoelement Chemistry    
P02. LW Research Activities in Structural Organic Chemistry Laboratory  
    Structural Organic Chemistry    
P03. LW Recent Research of Division of Synthetic Chemistry  
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry    
P04. GE Remote Asymmetric Induction by C(sp2)-H Amination      
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry ○MORISAKI, Kazuhiro; EMI, Ryota; SATO, Yuki; CHEN, Gong; UJI, Akihito; UEDA, Yshihiro; KAWABATA, Takeo      
P05. LT Current Research Topics in Advanced Inorganic Synthesis  
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis    
P06. GE One-pot Synthesis of Assembly-controlled Nanoparticle Superstructures      
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis ○NAKAGAWA, Fumiko; SARUYAMA, Masaki; TERANISHI, Toshiharu      
P07. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Polymer Materials Chemistry  
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials    
P08. GE Swelling Characteristics of Concentrated Polymer Brushes Studied by in-situ Measurement of Film Thickness on Spinning      
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials ○SAITO, Masahiro; SAKAKIBARA, Keita; TSUJII, Yoshinobu      
P09. LW Introduction of Research in the Field of Polymer Controlled Synthesis  
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis    
P10. GE Syntheses and Properties of Mobius and Double-twisted Cycloparaphenylene Derivatives      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○TERABAYASHI, Tomoaki; KAYAHARA, Eiichi; KATO, Tatsuhisa; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P11. GE Dual Control of Molecular Weight and Stereoregularity of Polyacrylamides by TERP in the Presense of Lanthanide Lewis Acids      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○IMAMURA, Yuji; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P12. GE Synthesis and Properties of Amphipathic Block Copolymers Having Hyperbranched Structures      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○HE, Yuzhong; LU, Yangtian; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P13. GE A Method for Removal of Organotellurium Group from the Polymers Prepared by ab-initio Emulsion Organotellurium-mediated Radical Polymerization      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○JIANG, Yuhan; TOSAKA, Masatoshi; TSUJISAKA, Makoto; SOHRIN, Yoshiki; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P14. GE Evidence for Polarity- and Viscosity-controlled Domains in the Termination Reaction in the Radical Polymerization of Acrylonitrile      
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○LI, Xiaopei; OGIHARA, Tasuku; NAKAMURA, Yasuyuki; YAMAGO, Shigeru      
P15. LW Recent Progress in Nanospintronics Lab.  
P16. GE Crystal Orientation Dependence of Spin Hall Angle in Epitaxial Pt/Py Films      
    Nanospintronics IKEBUCHI, Tetsuya      
P17. GE Low Current Driven Vertical Domain Wall Motion Memory with Artificial Ferromagnet      
    Nanospintronics HUNG, Yu Min      
P18. LW Research in the Biofunctional Design-Chemistry Laboratory  
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry    
P19. GE Creation of Endosomolytic Peptide “HAad” and Its Analog with Improved Cytosolic Macromolecule Delivering Activity      
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry ○SAKAMOTO, Kentarou; AKISHIBA, Misao; IWATA, Takahiro; MICHIBATA, Junya; IDE, Akiko; KAWANO, Kenichi; FUTAKI, Shiroh      
P20. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts  
    Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts    
P21. LW Research Projects in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology  
    Molecular Biology    
P22. LW Create New World of Bioactive Synthetic Molecules  
    Chemical Biology    
P23. LW Reveal the Ocean by Using Trace Elements and Their Isotopes  
    Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry    
P24. GE Sectional Distribution of Stable Isotope Ratios for Dissolved Nickel, Copper, and Zinc in the Subarctic North Pacific      
    Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry ○NAGAE, Ayumi; TAKANO, Shotaro; SOHRIN, Yoshiki      
P25. LW Study on Two-dimensional Molecular Aggregate Bridging the Molecular Structure and Material Properties  
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces    
P26. GE Disappearance of Odd-Even Effect of n-Alkanes in a Thin Film      
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ○YOSHIDA, Mariko; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; FUJII, Masamichi; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; HASEGAWA, Takeshi      
P27. GE Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of the Surface on a Microcrystal of Perfluoroalkane      
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ○OOTSUKI, Masashi; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; HASEGAWA, Takeshi      
P28. LW Microbial Science Laboratory  
    Molecular Microbial Science    
P29. GE Studies on the Lysophosphatidic Acid Acyltransferase Homologs of Shewanella livingstonensis Ac10      
    Molecular Microbial Science ○SUWANAWAT, Nittikarn; KUBOSHIMA, Misaki; KAWAMOTO, Jun; OGAWA, Takuya; KURIHARA, Tatsuo      
P30. LW An Introduction to Takenaka Lab  
    Polymer Materials Science    
P31. GE Visualization of the Distribution of Oriented Nanoparticle Fillers and Voids in Rubber/filler Under Strain      
    Polymer Materials Science ○MITANI, Kenta; OGAWA, Hiroki; WATANABE, Yuki; NISHIKAWA, Yukihiro; MASHITA, Ryo; TAKENAKA, Mikihito      
P32. GE Structure-property Relationship in Rubber/filler Systems      
    Polymer Materials Science ○KUMAGAWA, Daiki; TAKENAKA, Mikihito; WATANABE, Yuki; INOUE, Tadashi      
P33. GE Ordered Structures of an Asymmetric Diblock Copolymer      
    Polymer Materials Science ○ODA, Tappei; TAKENAKA, Mikihito; TERASHIMA, Takaya; HIRAI, Tomoyasu      
P34. LW Research at Particle-Beam Science Laboratory  
    Particle Beam Science    
P35. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Laser Matter Science  
    Laser Matter Interaction Science    
P36. GE Development of a Method to Measure the Depth-directional Distribution of Absorption Coefficient of Metal Surface Irradiated by Ultrashort Laser Pulse      
    Laser Matter Interaction Science ○FURUKAWA, Yuki; INOUE, Shunsuke; HASHIDA, Masaki      
P37. LW Research Activities in Division of Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry  
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry    
P38. GE Electron Orbital Mapping Using STEM-EELS      
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry ○IWASHIMIZU, Chisaki; HARUTA, Mitsutaka; KURATA, Hiroki      
P39. LW Introduction of Atomic and Molecular Structures Laboratory  
    Atomic and Molecular Structures    
P40. LW Introduction of Synthetic Organotransformation Group
    Synthetic Organotransformation  
P41. GE Delineating Mechanism of Iron-catalyzed Amination Reaction Using DFT Method      
    Synthetic Organotransformation ○SHARMA, Akhilesh K.; ISEGAWA, Miho; SUZUKI, Tsuyoshi; HATAKEYAMA, Takuji; MOROKUMA, Keiji; NAKAMURA, Masaharu      
P42. LW Research Introduction in Advanced Solid State Chemistry Laboratory  
    Advanced Solid State Chemistry    
P43. LW Activity Report: Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory      
    Organometallic Chemistry        
P44. GE Stereo-controlled Synthesis and cis-trans Isomerization of cis-polythienylenevinylene      
    Organometallic Chemistry ○WAKIOKA, Masayuki; YAMASHITA, Natsumi; OZAWA, Fumiyuki      
P45. LW Recent Research Topics of Nanophotonics Group    
P46. LW Introduction of Chemical Life Science  
    Chemical Life Science    
P47. LT Comparison of Pseudoknotted RNA Secondary Structures by Topological Centroid Identification and Tree Edit Distance  
    Mathematical Bioinformatics WANG, Feiqi  
P48. LT Sparse Learning on Hypergraphs  
    Bio-knowledge Engineering ○NGUYEN, Canh Hao; MAMITSUKA, Hiroshi  
P49. LW Research Activities in Molecular Materials Chemistry Laboratory  
    Molecular Materials Chemistry    
P50. GE Conformation Control of Iminodibenzyl-based Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Material by tilted Face-to-Face Alignment with Optimal Distance (tFFO) Design      
    Molecular Materials Chemistry KUSAKABE, Yu      
P51. GE Multiscale Simulation of Charge Transport in Host–guest-based Emission Layer of Organic Light-emitting Diodes      
    Molecular Materials Chemistry MORIWAKI, Kazuki      
P52. LW Research Progress in Molecular Aggregation Analysis Laboratory    
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis      
P53. LW Research Progress at Inorganic Photonic Lab  
    Inorganic Photonics Materials