The 118th ICR Annual Symposium (30 November 2018)

Date   November 30th, 2018 (Fri) 10:00 – 17:05
Place   ICR Joint Research Laboratory, Uji Campus
Contact    ICR Office
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Poster Presentation

Morning Session(10:00 – 12:10 )
10:00 – 10:05 Opening Speech
10:05 – 10:30 Total Synthesis of Natural Glycosides Based on Site-Selective Functionalization of Unprotected Carbohydrates
Synthetic Organic Chemistry UEDA, Yoshihiro
10:30 – 10:55 Development of a New Method for Simultaneous Analysis of Ni, Cu and Zn Isotope Ratios in Seawater and its Application to Chemical Oceanography
Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry TAKANO, Shotaro
“ICR Award for Young Scientists” and “ICR Award for Graduate Students” Ceremony
10:55 – 11:05 “ICR Award for Young Scientists” and “ICR Award for Graduate Students” Ceremony
11:05 – 11:20 ICR Award for Young Scientists-winner’s Presentation
11:20 – 12:10 ICR Award for Graduate Students-winner’s Presentation
Poster Presentation ( 13:10 – 15:00 )
Afternoon Session(15:10 – 17:05)
15:10 – 15:40 Presentation of the “ICR Grants for Promoting Integrated Research”
15:40 – 15:50 Break time
15:50 – 16:15 Surface Nanostructures Induced by Short Laser Pulse and its Applications
Laser Matter Interaction Science HASHIDA, Masaki
16:15 – 16:40 Development of Soft and Resilient Tribology (SRT) Systems
Chemistry of Polymer Materials SAKAKIBARA, Keita
16:40 – 17:05 Synthesis of New Cyclic Curved π-Conjugated Molecules Using Reactivity of Cycloparaphenylenes
Polymer Controlled Synthesis KAYAHARA, Eiichi


Poster Presentation ( 13:10 – 15:00 )
P01. LW Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of Novel Organic Compounds Containing Heavier Elements
    Organoelement Chemistry  
P02. GE Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Phosphinoalumanes
    Organoelement Chemistry ○YANAGISAWA, Tatsuya; MIZUHATA, Yoshiyuki; TOKITOH, Norihiro
P03. LW Research Activities in Structural Organic Chemistry Laboratory
    Structural Organic Chemistry  
P04. GE Development of a Novel Cage-Expansion Method from C60 to C65N and C64N Skeletons
    Structural Organic Chemistry ○ZHANG, Sheng; HASHIKAWA, Yoshifumi; MURATA, Yasujiro
P05. LW The Latest Research in the Division of Fine Synthetic Organic Chemistry
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry  
P06. GE Remote Asymmetric Induction by Catalytic C–H Bond Amination
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry ○MORISAKI, Kazuhiro; UEDA, Yoshihiro; KAWABATA, Takeo
P07. GE Remote Asymmetric Desymmetrization of σ-Symmetric 1,7-Diols by Catalytic Silylation
    Synthetic Organic Chemistry 〇HASHIMOTO, Hisashi; YOSHIDA, Keisuke; IMAYOSHI, Ayumi; MORISAKI, Kazuhiro; UEDA, Yoshihiro; KAWABATA, Takeo
P08. LW Recent Progress of Advanced Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis  
P09. GE Formation of Novel Fe–Pd Ordered Alloy Nanoparticles Induced from Third Element
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis ○MATSUMOTO, Kenshi; SATO, Ryota; TERANISHI, Toshiharu
P10. GE Control of Geometric Anisotropy of Janus Porphyrin Coordinated Gold Clusters
    Advanced Inorganic Synthesis 〇OKAMOTO, Yasuo; SAKAMOTO, Masanori; TERANISHI, Toshiharu
P11. LW Research Activities in Chemistry of Polymer Materials Laboratory
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials  
P12. GE Lubrication Properties Analysis of Concentrated Polymer Brushes by Optical Interferometry Method
    Chemistry of Polymer Materials ○EGUCHI, Hiroshi; SAKAKIBARA, Keita; TSUJII, Yoshinobu
P13. GE Synthesis of Structurally Controlled Core-shell Block Copolymers with Thermal Responsive Solution Properties
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ◯LIN, Yiming; LU, Yangtian; YAMAGO, Shigeru
P14. GE Cycloaddition Reaction of Cycloparaphenylenes with 1,2,4-Triazoline-3,5-dione
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis 〇YAMAMOTO, Koji; KAYAHARA, Eiichi; YAMAGO, Shigeru
P15. GE Transformation of Tetrahydroxy [10]Cycloparaphenylene by Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○NAKANO, Masaya; SUN, Liansheng; KAYAHARA, Eiichi; YAMAGO, Shigeru
P16. GE The Model of Shape-Memory State Appearing in Natural Rubber
    Polymer Controlled Synthesis ○SHIGEKI, Erika; TOSAKA, Masatoshi
P17. LW Research topics of Inorganic Photonics Lab
    Inorganic Photonics Materials  
P18. GE Microscopic Origin of Electric-field-induced Modulation of Curie Temperature in Pt/Co Film
    Nanospintronics ANDO, Fuyuki
P19 GE Spin-transfer Torques in the Vicinity of the Angular Momentum Compensation Temperature of Ferrimagnets
    Nanospintronics OKUNO, Takaya
P20. GE Correlation between Magnetic Properties and Depinning Field in Field-Driven Domain Wall Dynamics in GdFeCo Ferrimagnets
    Nanospintronics NISHIMURA, Tomoe
P21. GE Exchange Bias Controlled by Electric Current: Interplay of Joule Heating and the Induced Field
    Nanospintronics ODA, Kento
P22. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Biofunctional Design Chemistry
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry  
P23. GE Mechanism of Peptide-mediated Intracellullar Delivery of Biomacromolecules
    Biofunctional Design-Chemistry 〇AKISHIBA, Misao; FUTAKI, Shiroh
P24. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts
    Chemistry of Molecular Biocatalysts  
P25. LW Research of Molecular Biology Laboratory
    Molecular Biology  
P26. LW Create New World of Bioactive Synthetic Molecules
    Chemical Biology  
P27. GE Photophysical Properties and Device Performances of a Blue Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Material which Shows Highly Efficient TADF in Various Hosts
    Molecular Materials Chemistry ○WAKISAKA, Yasuaki; WADA, Yoshimasa; KAJI, Hironori
P28. LT Isotope Ratios of Ni, Cu and Zn in Rainwater Collected in Western Japan
    Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry ○TSUCHIYA, Mao; TAKANO, Shotaro; TSUJISAKA, Makoto; IMAI, Shoji; YAMAMOTO, Yuhei; SHIN, Ki-Cheol; SOHRIN, Yoshiki
P29. GE An Advanced Method for the Determination of Zr, Hf, Nb, and Ta in Seawater and Its Application to Seawater Samples from the North Pacific Ocean
    Hydrospheric Environment Analytical Chemistry TANAKA, Yuriko
P30. GE Polymorphic Control in a Spin-Coated Film of a Porphyrin Derivative
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ○TOMITA, Kautaka; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; HASEGAWA, Takeshi
P31. GE Analysis of Structual Conversion of a Pentacene Precursor Thin Film Using pMAIRS
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ○FUJIWARA, Ryoi; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; TOMITA, Kazutaka; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; HASEGAWA, Takeshi
P32. GE In situ Observation of Aggregation Structure and Orientation Change of Perfluoroalkane in a Monolayer on Water Surface
    Chemistry for Functionalized Surfaces ◯FUKUMI, Aki; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; HASEGAWA, Takeshi
P33. LW Laboratory of Molecular Microbial Science
    Molecular Microbial Science  
P34. GE Elucidation of a Vesiculation-mediated Protein Secretion Mechanism of Shewanella sp. HM13
    Molecular Microbial Science ◯KAMASAKA, Kouhei; CHEN, Chen; YOKOYAMA, Fumiaki; IMAI, Tomoya; KAWAMOTO, Jun; KURIHARA, Tatsuo
P35. LW Polymer Materials Science
    Polymer Materials Science  
P36. GE Direct Observation of Spin Coating Process of Polystyrene-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine) Thin Film Under Selective Solvent
    Polymer Materials Science ○MATSUNAGA, Tsubasa; OGAWA, Hiroki; TAKENAKA, Mikihito; MIYAZAKI, Tsukasa; KABE,Taizo
P37. GE in-situ Measurement of Self-assembling Blockcopolymer Thin Film with GISAXS
    Polymer Materials Science ○OMOSU, Takuya; TAKENAKA, Mikihito; OGAWA, Hiroki
P38. GE Study on Dynamics of Aggregates in Rubber Filling System
    Polymer Materials Science ○NISHIMURA, Yu; TAKENAKA, Mikihito
P39. GE Neutron Reflectivity Measurement for Phase Separation and Dewetting in dPS/P2ClS Thin Films
    Polymer Materials Science ○FUWA, Takuto; OGAWA, Hiroki; TAKENAKA, Mikihito; KANAYA, Toshiji; YAMADA, Norifumi
P40. LW Introduction of Laboratory of Molecular Rheology
    Molecular Rheology  
P41. LW Design and Fabrication of Molecular Aggregates for Organic Electronics
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis  
P42. GE Directed Molecular Orientation of N-type Organic Semiconductors Controlled by Hydrogen Bond Networks
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis ◯NAKAMURA, Tomoya; SHIOYA, Nobutaka; SHIMOAKA, Takafumi; HASEGAWA, Takeshi; MURATA, Yasujiro; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi
P43. GE Fabrication of Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules from a Highly-Purified Precursor Complex
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis ◯OZAKI, Masashi; SHIMAZAKI, Ai; MURATA, Yasujiro; MURDEY, Richard; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi
P44. GE Development of Highly Reproducible Perovskite Layer Deposition Method for Efficient Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cells
    Molecular Aggregation Analysis ◯YAKUMARU, Shinya; LIU, Jiewei; OZAKI, Masashi; HANDA, Taketo; KANEMITSU, Yoshihiko; MURATA, Yasujiro; MURDEY, Richard; WAKAMIYA, Atsushi
P45. LW Research Topics in Accelerator Laboratory
    Particle Beam Science  
P46. GE Compact ECR H+ Ion Source with Permanent Magnet
    Particle Beam Science ○Takeuchi, Yusuke; TONGU, Hiromu; IWASHITA, Yoshihisa
P47. GE Design Study of Main Dipole Magnet and Correction Magnet Using Permanent Magnet for ILC Damping Ring
    Particle Beam Science ◯YAKO, Tomoki; ABE, Masashi; IWASHITA, Yoshihisa; TONGU, Hiromu; KATAYAMA, Ryo; TAKEUCHI, Yusuke; TERUNUMA, Nobuhiro; FUWA, Yasuhiro
P48. LW Research Activities in Laboratory of Laser Matter Science
    Laser Matter Interaction Science  
P49. GE Dot Coloring on Titanium Surface by Femtosecond-laser Double-pulse Irradiation
    Laser Matter Interaction Science ○NISHINO, Shogo; HASHIDA, Masaki; SHIMIZU, Masahiro; FURUKAWA, Yuki;  INOUE, Shunsuke; KOJIMA, Sadaoki;  TSUKAMOTO, Masahiro; TAKENAKA, Keisuke; SAKABE, Shuji
P50. GE Fast Time-resolved Imaging Method with Pump-probe Ellipsometry
    Laser Matter Interaction Science ○YOSHIDA, Masahiro; KOJIMA, Sadaoki; INOUE, Shunsuke; FURUKAWA, Yuuki; HASHIDA, Masaki;  SAKABE, Shuji 
P51. GE Detection of α Particles Generated by Nuclear Reaction with Laser Accelerated Protons by Two-step Etching of CR-39
    Laser Matter Interaction Science 〇NISHIURA, Yosuke; INOUE, Shunsuke; KOJIMA, Sadaoki; FURUKAWA, Yuuki; HASHIDA, Masaki; SAKABE, Shuji
P52. GE Ablation for Titanium by Double-pulse Femtosecond Laser Irradiation
    Laser Matter Interaction Science ○FURUKAWA, Yuki; NISHINO, Shogo; KOJIMA, Sadaoki; INOUE, Shunsuke; HASHIDA, Masaki; SAKABE, Shuji
P53. GE Probing Ultrafast Motion of Critical Surface Pushed by Multi-pico-second Relativistic Radiation Pressure
    Laser Matter Interaction Science ○KOJIMA, Sadaoki; INOUE, Shunsuke; HASHIDA, Masaki; SAKABE, Shuji
P54. LW Research Activities in the Division of Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry  
P55. GE Analysis of Carbon K Edge ELNES of Copper Phthalocyanine Crystalline by First-principles Band Calculation
    Electron Microscopy and Crystal Chemistry ○YAMAGUCHI, Atsushi; NEMOTO, Takashi; KURATA, Hiroki
P56. LW Introduction of Atomic and Molecular Structures Laboratory
    Atomic and Molecular Structures  
P57. LW Research of Synthetic Organotransformation
    Synthetic Organotransformation  
P58. GE Iron-Catalyzed Oxidative Depolymerization of Lignin
    Synthetic Organotransformation 〇SHANOH, Takafumi; TAKAYA, Hikaru;  TAKEDA, Yoshihiko; NAKATANI, Yuuya; ITO, Masato; NAKAMURA, Masaharu
P59. GE Light-Driven Intermolecular Coupling of Amines and Ketones
    Synthetic Organotransformation HOSOKAWA, Atsushi; IWAMOTO, Takahiro; NAKAMURA, Masaharu
P60. LW Introduction of Advanced Solid State Chemistry Laboratory
    Advanced Solid State Chemistry  
P61. LW Activity Report: Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory
    Organometallic Chemistry  
P62. GE Synthesis of Donor-Acceptor Alternating Copolymers Containing Benzodithiophene Units via Highly Selective Direct Arylation Polymerization
    Organometallic Chemistry ○TORII, Naohiro; WAKIOKA, Masayuki; SAITO, Masahiko; OSAKA, Itaru; OZAWA, Fumiyuki
P63. LW Recent Research Topics of Nanophotonics Group
P64. LW Introduction of Laboratory of Chemical Life Science
    Chemical Life Science  
P65. LT Deep Learning with Evolutionary and Genomic Profiles for Identifying Cancer Subtypes
    Mathematical Bioinformatics LI, Ruiming
P66. LT Sparse Interaction Model over Peaks of moLEcules for Fast, Interpretable Metabolite Identification from Tandem Mass Spectra
    Bio-knowledge Engineering ○NGUYEN, Dai Hai; NGUYEN, Canh Hao; MAMITSUKA, Hiroshi