Australia-Japan Joint Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells was held on January 25th.

On January 25, 2024, the international symposium “Australia-Japan Joint Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells” was held at the Obaku Plaza. A total of 57 academic and industrial researchers from Australia and Japan attended this event.

This symposium was jointly organized with the support of MEXT International Joint Usage and Research Center (iJURC), Photovoltaic Research Consortium, and the Perovskite Solar Cell Subcommittee of The Japan Photovoltaic Society. From Australia, Prof. Anita Ho-Baillie (University of Sydney), Prof. Udo Bach (Monash University) and Prof. Yasuhiro Tachibana (RMIT University); from Japan, Prof. Atsushi Wakamiya (Kyoto University), Prof. Yoshihiko Kanemitsu (Kyoto University), Prof. Masaki Saruyama (Kyoto University), Prof. Hideo Ohkita (Kyoto University), Prof. Shen Qing (University of Electro-Communications), Prof. Shuzi Hayase (University of Electro-Communications), and Prof. Akinori Saeki (Osaka University) gave presentations. The participants actively shared information and exchanged opinions on the latest research on perovskite solar cells.

Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) Grant (from 2022 to 2024)

MEXT International Joint Usage / Research Center (iJURC)

Film Photovoltaic Research Consortium

The Japan Photovoltaic Society



Prof. Anita Ho-Baillie
(University of Sydney)

Prof. Yasuhiro Tachibana
(RMIT University)

Prof. Atsushi Wakamiya
(Kyoto University)