Joint Usage / Research Center

”Frontier and Interdisciplinary Research Core for Deepening Investigation and Promoting Collaboration in Chemistry-oriented Fields”


  The Institute for Chemical Research (ICR) was launched in 1926 as the first research institute affiliated with Kyoto University. ICR has been actively pursuing fundamental/advanced research in an extensive range of chemistry-oriented fields of natural science, while keeping its founding philosophy to “excel in the investigation of basic principles of chemistry and their applications”. In 2010, ICR was approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a Joint Usage/Research Center (JURC) connected to MEXT affiliate. Since then, ICR has been serving also as a frontier and interdisciplinary research core for deepening investigation and promoting collaboration in chemistry-oriented fields; thereby, intensively pursuing domestic as well as international collaborative researches. This collaborative research has pioneered novel aspects of chemistry, and also helped to foster many young researchers and made a social contribution.
  The achievements of ICR-JURC were highly appreciated by MEXT on the occasion of the end-term evaluation in 2015 to receive the highest S rating. Thus, ICR has been approved as a JURC for a second six-year term starting from April 2016. In the second term, all faculty members of ICR will strive to pursue extensive collaborative researches, placing their focus on further deepening of a fundamental understanding in chemistry-oriented fields and also on enhancing ICR functionalities as the global research hub, and support to construction of a sustainable human society. ICR-JURC highly appreciates your continued support and encouragement.  


Director, ICR Kyoto University

                      TOKITOH, Norihiro

Head, ICR-JURC Collaborative Station

TERANISHI, Toshiharu