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”Frontier and Interdisciplinary Research Core for Deepening Investigations and Promoting Collaboration in Chemistry-oriented Fields”

  The Institute for Chemical Research (ICR), which specializes in chemical research, was launched in 1926 as the first research institute at Kyoto University. Our founding vision was to “Excel in the Investigation of Basic Principles of Chemistry and Their Applications.” Since then, the ICR has vigorously pursued its pioneering and advanced research in diverse fields surrounding chemistry. Since fiscal year 2010, the ICR has been proactively collaborating with domestic/overseas universities and research institutes as a Joint Usage/Research Center (JURC), proclaiming “the Frontier and Interdisciplinary Research Core for Deepening Investigation and Promoting Collaboration in Chemistry-oriented Fields” supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan. Based on its activity as a JURC, the ICR has sought to develop chemistry in a more diverse and expansive manner. Moreover, the ICR also continuously strives to train young researchers and contribute to the society through such collaborative research endeavors.

  Because the ICR received the highest evaluation rating of S at the end of its first six-year term, the ICR’s activity as a JURC has been renewed for an additional six years. In the second period, all faculty members of the ICR will continue to make concerted efforts to push forward international collaborative research and the establishment of a sustainable human society.


Director, ICR, Kyoto University
TSUJII, Yoshinobu
Head, ICR-JURC Collaborative Station
TERANISH, Toshiharu


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